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Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Attorneys

Many people who have been charged with a crime or suffered an injury may not know what to do. Sometimes they are confused as to how the law works and think that they can’t afford quality representation. Our goal is to give you peace of mind by getting your matter resolved within your budget – whether through negotiation or litigation, depending on the facts of your case and the complexity of the issues involved. We offer free initial consultations so contact us today!

Common Criminal Defense & Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Misdemeanors Criminal Offenses: Up to 1 Year in Jail or Prison, Fines up to $1,000

Felonies Criminal Offenses: More than 1 Year in Jail or Prison, Fines up to $5,000.00

Traffic Violations: Misdemeanor (Up to 30 Days Jail for certain offences) or Felony (Up to 5 Years in Prison). The most common types of traffic tickets are speeding (15-25 miles per hour over the posted speed limit), careless driving, and running a red light.

Juvenile Offenses

A child who is 16 or 17 years old may be charged with as an adult in certain cases – but even if your charges have been moved into Family Court, you still need to hire a lawyer because there is different law that applies.

Car Accidents: Auto accidents are among the most common type of lawsuits handled. We probably have more expertise in handling car accident claims than anyone else. Our firm has been handling dozens and dozens of car accident cases since 2001 – and it shows by our excellent track record with case results! When you need a lawyer to help with your car accident claim, you should contact us now.

Dog Bites

Dog bite cases are very common. We represent many clients who have been bitten by dogs – and we’ve recovered medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress damages, etc., for them as well. When you need a lawyer to handle your dog bite case we are among the best legal representation providers.

Slip Trip & Fall Accidents: The most common slip/trip & fall accidents that our attorneys handle are related to supermarkets or other retail stores. These cases involve ‘slip-and-falls where someone trips on an uneven floor and falls because of a store’s negligence or lack of proper maintenance.

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Premises Liability: Premises Liability cases involve slip/trip & fall inside hotels, retail stores, supermarkets and any other business premises. This includes cases where a person trips or falls in a parking lot due to inadequate lighting or someone didn’t clean up ice from the parking area (or left jagged edges from snow shovelling).

General Negligence

This type of claim involves someone who has been injured because of another persons’(s) negligence. For example, you may have sustained an injury because a store employee wasn’t watching out and didn’t see when you slipped on some water that they should reasonably know about (because there were several puddles throughout the area).

Wrongful Death Claims: In cases of wrongful death, it is important to consult an attorney quickly. One reason for this is because of those parties responsible will likely file an objection once they realize there’s a pending claim.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are caused by drunk driving, speeding or other negligent driving behaviours; There are many cars out there that are unsafe – especially if they don’t have proper airbags (which could save your life after an accident). If you buy a car and get into an accident and the manufacturer or dealership didn’t inform you about some defect in the product that could cause injury or death – they can be held responsible for any damages that result. There may also be other parties who may liable for your injuries as well.

Personal Injury Lawyer to Criminal Lawyer – What Does a Lawyer Do

Lawyers are individuals trained in the art of legal representation. The most basic function of a lawyer is to provide clients with legal advice and assistance regarding their cases. Even though lawyers often work closely with judges, there are distinct differences between them. Judges preside over courtrooms and apply the law as it has been passed by legislators or precedent set by higher courts. In contrast, lawyers advocate for their client’s position before the judge and attempt to win a favourable verdict from him or her.

There are many types of lawyers one may choose to become: litigators, civil trial attorneys, personal injury specialists, criminal defence attorneys etc… Litigators and civil trial attorneys are often considered the same. However, a litigator’s job description is more general, while a civil trial attorney tends to specialize in specific areas of civil law. For instance, a personal injury lawyer only handles cases that involve injuries such as car accidents, construction site work injuries and medical malpractice. As for criminal law, it encompasses any crime committed against or by private citizens; some examples include robbery, drug possession or murder.

Despite these distinctions, litigators also often represent clients that have been injured as a result of another’s actions. Many lawyers chose to represent injured parties because there are often significant monetary rewards attached to winning lawsuits regarding personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. Criminal defence attorneys will defend their clients in criminal trials such as murder cases. While the goal of a criminal defence attorney is to win an acquittal for their client, it is also important that they do not risk a lesser charge being levied against them should they lose. Further, any mitigating factors that may have been at play during the incident must be disclosed to the prosecutor and judge in advance of trial.

What Else Do Lawyers Do For Their Clients?

Lawyers are often referred to as legal advocates because they actively pursue disputes on behalf of their clients. This includes investigating facts and evidence on behalf of the client while developing arguments both in favour of and against their position. Lawyers draft contracts, petitions, motions, wills etc… for their clients based upon information they provide about their case. However, lawyers do not act on behalf of their clients without the consent of said clients. A lawyer cannot force a person to testify or pay any fines levied by the judge as part of the verdict; they can only recommend these actions be taken.

Lawyers also help their clients navigate legal issues and procedures for them to perform tasks such as dividing property between divorcing partners or preparing adoption papers for children whose parents are no longer together but want to raise them jointly. For example, if a couple who is getting divorced has a large amount of debt they must divide between themselves, there may be financial consequences attached should one spouse walk away from his or her portion without paying for it first. If either party wishes to receive money from the sale of a house they own jointly, it usually must be sold before dividing the proceeds. It is in these cases where lawyers help their clients by ensuring that payouts are fair given the circumstances and that they understand what is occurring.…

Law Firm Overview – Personal Injury Lawyers – Criminal Defense Attorneys

In most cases, there is a statute of limitations on how much time one has to file a personal injury claim once one has suffered an injury. The statute of limitations is two years for personal injury claims, and it begins to “run” on the date when the plaintiff knew or should have known that they were injured. This means that if you are in a serious accident, it’s crucial to contact an attorney with experience handling car accidents as soon as possible. We also represent people who have been wrongfully or unjustly charged with criminal offences, including DWI/DUI cases and drug crimes.

Get more info about drunk driving defence & DUI lawyers today! Whether your case will be handled at the state or federal level depends on what crime you’ve been charged with. If your situation is complex and involves multiple types of charges different types of crimes, you may want to contact a lawyer who has experience handling federal and state cases. If you have been injured or charged with a crime, our injury attorneys will fight for your rights. We are here to provide you with aggressive representation and secure the best possible resolution to your case.